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We Create
Stories Together

Emeco nepremičnine d. o. o.

Savska loka 4, 4000 Kranj

Ever since the world began, humanity has been creating stories. Our stories aim to blend the stories of real estate and your lives. We are passionately changing the landscape of real estate by perpetual research, development and implementation of new trends. We simply love what we do. Therefore, all of us who are co-creating this project are pursuing the goal that the Kranjska iskrica, with its standard of living culture, a diverse range of beautiful apartments, will create synergy between you and your home. These are our commitments. Furthermore, we realize that without you, dear customers, there are no good stories. We will continue to happily involve you in the design process, listen to your wants and needs, and daily strive to do our best to ensure that our stories intertwine in the most beautiful way.