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Kranjska iskrica

Kranjska iskrica is a contemporary residential neighbourhood in Kranj that offers a pleasant and peaceful way of living, while providing opportunities for the dynamic response that everyday challenges demand from us.

In its immediate surroundings, it provides plenty of opportunities for running, walks or tracking the smell of coffee from nearby café hidden corners and to shopping at a nearby mall. A walk from the children to the kindergarten or school is just an additional prestige that the residents of Kranjska iskrica will receive. However, if you are the kind who can't stand the hustle and bustle of the city, you are in the heart of the city center, where you can indulge in an atmosphere of culture, cuisine and entertainment in just a few minutes walk from your new home.

The entire neighbourhood consists of ten multi-apartment buildings, a supermarket, business premises and an underground garage. 263 apartments (of various types: from studio to four-room apartment) and 387 parking spaces in the garage will be available for sale in the first phase.

A commodious public space dressed in beautiful greenery is situated around the residential buildings. Kranjska iskrica will also provide plenty of intimate corners, spaces for safe play of children, meeting areas and on the outskirts also an area for sports activities. Parking spaces as well as charging stations for electric vehicles will be provided for visitors and supermarket users.

Energy-saving systems, underfloor heating in living spaces, pre-cooling, quality floor and wall coverings, high security doors, large window areas with screen roller blinds will ensure a high standard of your home and worry-free comfort. A space dedicated to the needs of an active life in the form of your own storage room and a shared bicycle shed will provide many possibilities for additional storing of your belongings.