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Kranj, the Heart
of Gorenjska Region

Kranj is one of the most charming cities in Slovenia, where the genuine alpine spirit and urban charm are wonderfully intertwined. The town is adorned with bourgeois houses, beautifully designed streets, mansions, churches and houses with architecturally richly decorated facades and courtyards. Kranj is located in the embrace of the rivers Kokra and Sava, and its view extends all the way to the Slovenian Alps. With its strategic location, rich history and exceptional cultural heritage, it is simply the heart of Gorenjska region.

Attractive Location

For all of you who love dynamic life, we have good news: you are only a 30 minutes drive away from a pleasant walk in and Slovenia's capital: Plečnik's Ljubljana; the warm sea sun warms you pleasantly in a good hour's drive; in 20 minutes you can enjoy the sweetness of cream slices in Bled, you can indulge in skiing or night sledding on nearby Krvavec or get to explore European capitals by flying from Ljubljana airport.